We embrace a holistic approach to stress management and mental health

Our partners help us to deliver

We engage communities, corporations, individuals, as well business, health, fitness, pastoral and education professionals that help us develop and deliver life-changing programs.  We invite anyone, who is willing to help with our cause, to partner with us.

Address the cause, not just symptoms

Learning to effectively manage our stress, gaining control of our emotions, developing healthy eating and exercise habits and understanding how to set realistic expectations is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Your donations help to fund:

A set of practical, everyday solutions that address the social and economical needs of stressed individuals and communities

We assist our individual members and communities who face long-term stressful life situations and want to find better, healthier ways to manage their health, social and economical challenges. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, we help to educate and provide resources that assist with their social and economical challenges.

A recovery program that addresses stress, anxiety, and depression by promoting lifestyle and behavioral changes

Our members include individuals who face potential health risks due to the effects of stressful life situations and want to find better, healthier ways to manage their lives.  This includes those already suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as those that have been or are in emotional and mental abusive situations. Through collaborative efforts and various partnerships, we help to educate and provide resources that help uncover and overcome real life stressful situations.

A number of continual activities that provide practical ways to strengthen the mind and body

As our members go through the Recovery Program, we encourage them to participate in a range of activities that allow them to apply & re-enforce the lessons and techniques they’ve learnt. These include, but are not limited to cooking and nutrition activities, spa day offerings, exercise programs, counseling sessions, lectures, and social events. We also encourage friends & family members to join us so they can assist, encourage and help to guide their loved ones towards a clear path of wellness successfully.


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